Help through the process...

“I could not have had a nicer person than Joe to help through the process of selling my home and getting everything taken care of. The closing was several days earlier than expected and I still had some things in my closet. Since I use a walker, Joe took everything to my car and I so appreciate his help. Thanks Joe!! I consider Joe a gentleman and a friend.”

First Time Home Buyers...

“Buying our first home was an absolute wonderful experience, thanks to Joe Forrest.  Joe was very accommodating and patient in finding our perfect home! I would recommend Joe to any first time home buyers. Joe really made the home buying process a breeze.”
           ~Ethan & Marissa

Knowledgable Professional

“Joe is professional and extremely and friendly. He put the place on the market on Monday (a holiday) and by Wednesday, he had a contract! We were kept in the loop and all questions answered and information shared ASAP by Joe.”

A Great Help

"Always prompt, knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. Joe was a great help navigating the issues that arose during the sale process. We were able to sell my town- house in a timely manner. "