You can safely put your trust in him...

"When my father turned 90 we decided to move him to a Senior Living facility. My dad had a hefty reverse mortgage and I just wanted to walk away & let them deal with it. But my dad insisted there was a profit to be made by selling it, and we decided to get the advice of a local Realtor. From our very first meeting with Joe Forrest, he was upfront and completely honest. He gave us the lowest amount we would profit from selling Dad's house and promised not to ask us to spend any money on the house unless it increased our profit $4 for every $1 we spent. He lived up to his word - we actually made twice as much as he originally predicted! We can't say enough good things about Joe Forrest. He's one of the nicest people we've ever worked with, and he really knows what he's doing. You can safely put your trust in him. To find such honest and integrity is so rare nowadays. It was totally worth doing and we are very happy!"
               ~Mickey H.

He wasn't just a Realtor, but a friend...

"Three years ago we sold a house. Our agent really stressed us out. He did a good job but was constantly telling us to do things that we didn't have the money to do. Joe was totally the opposite. He was very calm and helpful. He listened to us and encouraged us to just relax and everything would work out O.K. The whole process was so calm and easy. I wholly recommend Joe to anyone needing a Realtor. He wasn't just a Realtor, but a friend."
             ~Karen & George G.

Joe came highly recommended...

"Joe Forrest is a wonderful real estate agent! He came highly recommended and lived up to the words of praise. My 83 year old mother had moved into assisted living, and because my sister and I live out of state, we needed to sell her house very quickly. Thanks to Joe's good contacts and willingness to go above and beyond, we were able to do so in less than a month and at a good price. I honestly don't see how this would have been possible without Joe's help. He's also incredibly personable and friendly, which made a potentially very stressful situation much more doable. My sister and I are very grateful for his assistance!"
              ~Lauren F.

Joe was very professional...

"Joe was recommended to us by our lease agent when we relocated to this area. Joe was very professional, easy to work with and guided us through the process of selling our home. The result was a quick sale at a good price. We highly recommend Joe Forrest. He's the best!"
              ~Duane and Frieda

We made a new friend...

"Joe was great.  He always took our situation into account.  He made the purchase of our new house easy as well as the sale of our old house.  I feel we made a new friend and look forward to seeing him again.  Thank you!"


He's a class act...

"Joe makes the home selling process seamless.  Professional, prompt, polite...
Joe sold two houses:
1st one approximately 15 years ago and he earned every penny and then some. 2nd home was recently and went so smooth.
But one thing remained was the same demeanor from Joe.  Professional, prompt, polite, and so passionate about how he approached his clients.  He shows up and is commited till the end.
He's a class act!!"


I would recommend him to

"It is important to know I have owned and sold two houses before this.  The first, I gave to my (ex) husband and the second I sold to my cousin.  So, there was no real selling experience involved, Joe Forrest was recommended by the community I was moving into.  I got to meet him and was impressed by his basic knowledge and open friendliness.  When I signed with him, I already felt he had my best interest at heart.  Throughout the process he led me through things I needed to do and made me aware of things I did not have to do and ways to make unreasonable requests to both buyers and me.  He certainly walked me, as a novice, through the selling process with little stress and provided me with a “quick” sell.  He was always on time and what he said he was going to do and never seemed annoyed at any of my calls or questions.  I would recommend him to anyone.

Help through the process...

“I could not have had a nicer person than Joe to help through the process of selling my home and getting everything taken care of. The closing was several days earlier than expected and I still had some things in my closet. Since I use a walker, Joe took everything to my car and I so appreciate his help. Thanks Joe!! I consider Joe a gentleman and a friend.”

First Time Home Buyers...

“Buying our first home was an absolute wonderful experience, thanks to Joe Forrest.  Joe was very accommodating and patient in finding our perfect home! I would recommend Joe to any first time home buyers. Joe really made the home buying process a breeze.”
           ~Ethan & Marissa

Knowledgable Professional

“Joe is professional and extremely and friendly. He put the place on the market on Monday (a holiday) and by Wednesday, he had a contract! We were kept in the loop and all questions answered and information shared ASAP by Joe.”

A Great Help

"Always prompt, knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. Joe was a great help navigating the issues that arose during the sale process. We were able to sell my town- house in a timely manner. "